What, Where, When, Why and, Most Importantly, Who

cropped-10013788_10154057241670317_5448428251008461502_n.jpgI am a young mother and wife with way too much time on her hands, and, since I spend an excessive amount of time on the internet anyway, I thought, ‘Hey, might as well make an actual hobby out of it.’

So, here I am, writing posts on a blog that no one will probably ever read. I’m okay with that, though. Most of what I do here will probably be a disaster.

I’ve always been one of those people who thinks they can do something until they try and completely butcher it. Fortunately, I’m also one of those people who will never stop trying until they get it right, which is, in the most profound of terms, the basis behind my blog. I will try, most likely fail, and then try again, and I will share my experiences with you in lengthy posts like this – featuring entertaining photos, of course.

From DIY projects to fad diets, I will make my attempt at all the things that have ever caught my eye on Pinterest or TV infomercials. I will also share my thoughts about my kids along with all the silly things they do, my relationship with God, what I read and write and my wonderful husband.

Also, since I promised you Where and When in the title, I hail from a place you most likely have not heard of in Kansas (No, I do not live on a farm.), and you will be hearing from me in as soon as a week.

Goodnight, y’all.


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